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Experts in the BOPT technique

In our dental laboratory we offer one of the most innovative techniques in dental prosthetic restoration, the BOPT technique (Oriented Biological Preparation Technique).

The BOPT technique developed by Dr. med. Loi, is a simplified dental procedure that allows re-intervention in already prosthetically treated cases.

Compared to conventional methods of restoration, the BOPT technique offers a long-term periodontal stability, which is revolutionary for dental restoration. With this technique it becomes possible to transfer the emergence profile to the prosthetic crown and this allows a free interaction with the gingiva that will adapt, shape and settle around new profiles.

For satisfactory results, the application of the BOPT technique requires some vertical preparation. As the finish area is located above the margin,it becomes possible to change the margin at any time (during temporal or final restoration) without harming the quality of the fit or harming the epithelial attachment.

For more information about the BOPT technique, consult our articles section or see examples in our case studies section.