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Angelica checking a dental imprint at Jörg Lab Dental

We believe that there are substantial advantages in choosing our dental laboratory. This is confirmed by the positive feedback we continually receive from our dental partners and clients.

Jörg Dental Laboratory Benefit 1

Our laboratory follows a precise, reliable manufacturing process. We are distinguished by our customer-oriented approach, our experience and our exceptional service.

Jörg Dental Laboratory Benefit 2

The production of aesthetically fixed crow align-middlens follows state of the art standards, both in terms of laboratory equipment and know-how of the most innovative materials and their precise application.

Jörg Dental Laboratory Benefit 3

We offer specialized, expert advice on material selection and precision manufacturing in terms of fit, colour, shape and function of the restorations. Our team is competent, friendly and always willing to provide information.

Jörg Dental Laboratory Benefit 4

We provide virtually unlimited availability of the laboratory team. Full attention is given to problems or issues which may occur during a manufacturing process.

Jörg Dental Laboratory Benefit 5

Our approach is characterizedby a friendly atmosphere and fair pricing.