Jorg Lab Dental - Dental Laboratory in Barcelona

Welcome to Jörg Lab Dental!

We are temporarily ceasing activity because COVID-19 situation. Working on relocating our facilities.

We are a dental laboratory specialized in aesthetic fixed restoration based in Barcelona. Each day we are focussing on meeting the specific needs of our partners and patients and we pride ourselves on providing expert assistance through the use of modern techniques and materials such as CAD/CAM technology, veneers, zirconia, composite, lithium-disilicate crowns and ips e.max press multi crowns.

At Jörg Lab Dental we are experts in the BOPT technique (Técnica de Preparación Biológica Orientada created by Dr. Loi), an innovative and revolutionary and innovative dental restoration technique.

To get to know more about our work please check out our case studies.

We regard our strength in the individualized completion of a restoration.

Jörg Krenmayr

Jorg Dental Lab working

Laboratorio Dental Krenmayr was founded in 2008. It is owned and managed by dental technician and native Austrian, Jörg Krenmayr. Jörg Krenmayr has acquired a solid expertise in the field of dental technology throughout many years of education and training in Austria, Mexico and Spain.